To maintain the optimal levels of fluids and minerals in our bodies, we need to continually top them up.

This means drinking before we feel thirsty. The sensation of thirst is the first sign of dehydration, and can be the result of physical activity as well as simply breathing or sweating. Thirst also places an unnecessary burden on the brain and kidneys. The lack of water in our bodies causes the biliary and urinary acids to crystallize. These crystals irritate the mucous membrane and damage it. They can also form bladder stones or cause persistent inflammation of the urinary and biliary tracts.


Level of dehydration

  • 0 % Amount of water in the human body: 60 %
  • –2 % thirst and bad mood
  • –3 % loss of appetite and performance – 20% causes an upset stomach
  • –6 % headaches, dizziness,
    call for help
  • –8 % difficulty speaking, difficulty breathing, life is in danger
  • –10 % inability to walk, lethargy,coma
  • –12 % inability to swallow, the need for intravenous nutrition. The organism collapse


  • INFANTS infant water only
  • 3 L BREASTFEEDING MOTHERS infant water
    or spring water
  • 2 L CHILDREN spring or slightly
    mineralized water
  • 3 L ADULTS spring or medium
    mineralized water
  • 0,5 L SPORTSPEOPLE before performing – otherwise 3 litres a day (like all adults)
  • 2 L THE ELDERLY mineral waters based on their general practitioners’ recommendation
  • 3 L HOT DAYS mineralized waters

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