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The Karlovarské minerální vody, a. s. company is the largest producer of mineral and spring water in the Czech Republic. The company was founded in 1873 by Karlovy Vary’s native Heinrich Mattoni. Its present form comes from the 1990’s due to significant investments of its new owners (see more in the “History of the Company” section).

The Karlovarské minerální vody company currently bottles mineral and spring water of the brands Mattoni, Magnesia and Aquila, and exports them to 20 countries worldwide. The company has contributed significantly to the cultural, sports, and also social life in the Czech Republic. It also supports projects related to nature conservation and environmental issues.

The Karlovarské minerální vody company expends a lot of effort to build world-known brands with a prominent image which will contribute to improving the quality and culture of drinking not only in the Czech Republic. The professional approach of the company and its employees to the question of the products quality has been repeatedly recognized by many awards and also by the fact that Mattoni has become the official water of the Czech EU Presidency.

The Karlovarské minerální vody company employs 400 people. A team of top-quality staff along with a clear vision contribute to the success of the company in a very significant way.

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Our mission and values

Basic Purpose

  • Improve the quality and culture of drinking.

Core values

  • Performance,
  • quality which creates value,
  • excellent reputation,
  • use of the best competencies,
  • reliability and respect for ethical principles.


  • Turn our products into famous brands that have international value.
  • Increase awareness of the quality of the mineral water from Karlovy Vary.

Contact information

Company headquarters
Mattoni 1873 a.s.
Horova 3
360 21 Karlovy Vary,
Czech Republic

Karlovy Vary

There are very few places like the Karlovy Vary region in the world. Places, which can boast a rich historical tradition, live by the stormy present and have a promising future ahead of them. Prominent rulers of the Czech lands, famous statesmen, actors, musicians and thousands of other visitors walked the roads of the spa area. All of them were brought here by a single cause – a desire to improve their health, enjoy the unique atmosphere of the spa town and the beauty of the surrounding countryside.

Legend of the royal healing

The Karlovy Vary region is one of the areas rich in mineral springs of various temperatures, tastes and medicinal properties. According to legend, one of the first patients was the Roman Emperor and Czech King Charles IV himself whose name was given to the town of Karlovy Vary.

Archaeological findings show though that the beneficent power of the local springs was known to the local people long before that. The Emperor's praise launched a new stage, however. Physicians became interested in the springs and their research has confirmed the beneficial effect of drinking the water as well as of the bathing treatments. Karlovy Vary and the Kyselka spa have started to gain worldwide fame.

The guest list of Karlovy Vary boasts for example the names of Tsar Peter the Great, Johan Sebastian Bach, Giacomo Casanova or Antonín Dvořák.

Spa heads to the world

The fame of the local mineral springs gave rise to a new kind of business, however. Their water was initially sent to customers in earthenware jars. The name of the local native Heinrich Mattoni stands out most prominently among those who devoted their lives to the development of this industry. The factory in Kyselka prospered and Mattoni's name soon became another symbol of the region.

Three springs, three sources of health

The Mattoni mineral water has been distributed all over the world for more than 100 years to let its lovers taste, even if only for a little while, the unique flavour and atmosphere of the world-famous spa. The Mattoni mineral water is not the only product that bears the seal of the name of famous native today. The natural spring water Aquila which is perfectly suited for everyday cleansing of the body due to its low sodium content is bottled in Kyselka today as well.

The trio of brands from Karlovy Vary is completed by Magnesia, a water with unique composition on a continental scale, which is bottled in Mnichov, near Karlovy Vary. Magnesia is rich in beneficial natural magnesium, while having a low amount of sodium. It has a refreshing effect on the whole body.


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